Bitsphere is a ongoing project to bring digital content to the internet, social media and public environments. Content means mostly computer generated text, hypertext, code, video and sound.


[computer sounds] "Rush Hour" – Divergent Movement Teleporting 2015

The installation "Rush Hour" renders sound according to image data gathered from a distant camera in public trespassing knots to an array of loudspeakers in an exhibition space in real time.


Intended for an outdoor installation the receiving unit may be installed in closed spaces too. This piece deals with the displacement of perception transformation of surveillance data and tracking of movement in formerly public spaces.[description may be downloaded here]

[computer sounds] ringtone collection "The Muses" 2014

A collection of ring tones theming the nine muses. Simple tunes done with custom midi applications.

[sound intervention] audible inaudible 2012 - 2014

From 2012 to 2014 Bitsphere performed an anonymous rule based live piece at a local bar. The piece for piano consists of some rules which are described in detail in the project description. The piece emerged from a spontaneous idea and is an example of artistic intervention in everyday live. With the description of this peace and possible impacts Bitsphere likes to invite others to accoustic involvement in shared living spaces. [Full project description may be downloaded here.]

[computer arts] digital media blog 2008 - 2014

Exploring possibilities of blogging as an interaction media and showcasing art in digital environments.

[computer sounds] ringtones collection 2011 - 2014

A steadily growing collection of ring tones accessible at The sounds are generated using varying digital technologies as midi, recording and algorithmic generation.

[video] oneminute videos 2008 - 2013

The aim of the video series is to showcase some of the audio and video works in the web and at festivals. All the videos use technically challenging multimedia applications of digital technology.

Since 2008 Bitsphere is participating on a regular basis at the Onminute Film Festival Aarau and other short video festivals. In 2013 the video of the year 2012 was chosen for a selection which was shown in museums in northern Europe (Belgium, Netherlands) in October 2013. In June and July 2014 the same video was shown during an exhibition at power station of art in Shanghai as part of a selection by The Oneminutes Foundation.

The videos are accessible at

[computer arts] visible invisible 2011

A series of photos taking the invisible light of UV radiation around a 20km zone of a nuclear power plant in Europe. The images were displayed in Google Maps' Photo service Panoramio and appeared in Google Maps not tagged as part of an art project.

The installation was torn down a year later which puts lights on temporal aspects thrown by nuclear radiation. The photos were intended as a remembrance of the nuclear meltdown of Cernobil. The disaster of Japan hit the planning phase of the
installation. [Full project description may be downloaded here.]

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